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About the company

Global scale of Murphy Shipping allows us to provide cost-effective consolidation and groupage services for our customers worldwide. Cargoes can be gathered at Murphy Estate Garadagh in Azerbaijan, or at one of the warehouses of our partners in Europe for further transportation. Groupage requires perfect organization so that goods are picked-up and delivered in time no matter their destination.

We provide customs co-ordination services to our Customers worldwide since 1975. We offer an outstanding performance in Customs co-ordination, agency and brokerage business based on deep knowledge of international and local Customs legislation. This allows us to stand firm when it comes to defending our Customers’ interests before state institutions and at the same time to provide our Customers with informed knowledge of their obligations and rights. Our services include in customs coordination and brokerage include high standard and fast track customs clearance at competitive prices; professional logistics specialists including in-house licensed declaration brokers who will assist you; full execution of all operations at Baku Airport; customs coordination services including consultation and orientation, comprising of customs export/import declaration preparation; organization of customs inspection and customs clearance with duly paid taxes, fees and levies and many more to ensure a delivery of professional services to our clients and their goods.

Our logistics land base in Murphy Estate Garadagh will ensure that proper and safe storage is provided for goods in transit at each hub. Our open and closed warehouses located at Garadagh district

Salyan Highway 28-30 km Baku, Azerbaijan, Main Highway to Sangachal, also act in its capacity as storage agent and arrange storage of the goods in its own, leased or rented premises in Baku. Transport & Equipment services we provide will also ensure local transportation in the Baku area and between Baku's port, airport,central station and any logistics base.

All road transportation resources used by MSCS are in full compliance with Azeri laws and regulations. We hold valid insurance certificates and policies for all transport resources employed, as do all third party service providers. Also, we ensure that all materials are protected with tarpaulin and secured with lashing during transportation from the Baku port,airport, central station.