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Utilities - We provide you with a list of addresses of water supply, gas, electricity and housing and communal services located in Baku.

Utility services

We have prepared utilities so that you can easily find them on one page. You can browse the above categories, find the address of the utility department you need, and get contact numbers.

An important utility is an organization that maintains utility infrastructure (usually using services). Public services are subject to various government monopolies and regulations, from local community-based groups to state-level government monopolies. The term utilities can also refer to the set of services provided by these enterprises consumed by the population: coal, electricity, natural gas, water industry, sewerage, telephone, waste management and transportation. Broadband Internet services (both fixed and mobile) are increasingly included in the definition.

The Utilities Commission is a state body that regulates business activities in certain jurisdictions related to electricity, natural gas, telecommunications, water, rail, freight or passenger transportation by rail. These public interest commissions (PUCs) typically consist of commissioners appointed by their respective managers, rules and regulations, experts who approve or reject promotions, and experts who oversee / report on related activities. Over the years, various changes have fundamentally reshaped the mission and focus of the civil service commissions. Their focus has shifted from pre-regulation of tariffs and services to control of competitive markets and compliance with regulators. For more information, select the utility you need and get the addresses and contact information in the window that opens. Utility bills are added as a category on this page. You can click on the next page to find the addresses where you will make utility payments.

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