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Advertising on the website

Advertising on the website "" is an advantageous combination of price and quality! 

Our website is the optimal solution for the support and development of your business.

For the 14th year now, our website has been one of the most popular Internet resources in Azerbaijan and the most dynamically developing website in the information services market. We give you the opportunity to find new customers, make your company recognizable and more demanding from potential customers and partners.

Advertising on the Navigator: 

1. An opportunity to present your company and attract new customers. 
2. A large target audience at a low price. 
3. The real market for the sale of goods and services. 
4. A growing base of potential customers.
5. Maximum return on advertising investments. will help you establish new business contacts and successfully promote your business in Azerbaijan. 

Types of advertising on 

1. VIP banner advertising
2. Banner advertising in the ”News block" section 
3. Announcements 
3. Contextual advertising by keywords 
4. The first places in the catalog of companies
5. Branding the side parts of the site
7. Placement of logos
8. Placement of press releases
9. Advertising in the flight schedule 
10. Non-standard types of advertising (Fullscreen, Rich media) 

For more detailed information about advertising on "" you can call the advertising department:

(+99450) 228-40-05