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Suppliers - we have collected the addresses of stores selling food, alcoholic beverages, construction materials on one page for your convenience. Explore the following categories for more information.


You can get a list of companies engaged in the supply of food, alcohol, construction materials on our website. Thus, on this page we have gathered the largest suppliers operating in our country to facilitate the work of those seeking information about companies engaged in the supply of food or construction. In the above categories, you can see the supply of food, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, building materials, special clothing and tobacco products. You can get information about the companies operating in the relevant field in the window that opens by clicking on the appropriate category. You can find the addresses and contact information and opening hours of these companies on the map.

A supplier is a generic name given to the distribution of raw materials and goods provided by manufacturers to individuals or companies in need so that companies or individuals can sell their products and services. In other words, it is a generic name given to organizations that supply raw materials and goods from producers so that a company, person, or company can sell services and products. For example, companies that supply products to be sold on e-commerce sites are suppliers. The choice of supplier and inter-firm contracts must be very careful. Choices such as quality service, quality, quality certificate, company compliance, shipping process, product certificate are among the items that companies put forward at the point of choice and will add value to the company. Companies that do not meet these and similar criteria are not preferred in terms of image and performance.

Click on the appropriate category to learn the addresses of suppliers and additional information.

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