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Postal and ATS addresses located in Baku can be found on our page. Click on the menu section below to follow the addresses.

Mail and ATS

We have combined all the postal addresses and ATS addresses of our city on one page to facilitate the work of post offices and ATS addresses. As a result of the growing activity of shipping companies, thousands of orders are placed every month. Orders from Turkey, America, China are mainly made from online shopping sites, such as Trendyol orders, aliexpress orders. When ordering, we are required to enter postal data. A person's zip code is determined by the region in which they live. Thus, each city, district, region and district and village has its own postal address (AZ0100, AZ1033, AZ3600, AZ1002, AZ1124, etc.). While these email addresses can be found online, they can be confusing. In order not to face such problems, we have collected post offices and branches of Baku and other regions on one page. By clicking on the menu section "Posts and branches", you can view the post offices of Baku and our regions, find out the postal code, find out the working hours and lunch breaks, and get in touch.

ATS addresses are also included on the page. If you are looking for ATS addresses in Baku, you are in the right place. By clicking on the category section on the page, you can find the addresses on the map, find out the opening hours and contact details. From the window that opens, you can view the branches of ATS in Baku (ATS Baku, ATS Baki, Hatay ATS, Garayev ATS, ATS Yasamal, ATS Sabunchi, etc.)

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