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In order to facilitate the work of those who are looking for media outlets and similar companies, we have collected publishing houses and radio stations operating in our city on our page. So you can select the appropriate category from the menu section above.

The purpose of the media is the transmission of information and the interactive exchange of information. These tools, which we define as means of communication, continue to evolve day by day. In the new media era, the biggest priority should be media literacy. Media literacy aims to analyze the purpose of hearing, visual information and instructions to individuals and societies, to investigate their accuracy, and to develop a critical thinking structure. That is, although technology is constantly evolving, magazines and newspapers are still valid and remain an integral part of the media. Every day, people receive a lot of information from magazines, newspapers, mass media and television. If you also like to read and receive new information, you can get detailed information about our magazines, newspapers and publishing houses on our page. The registration addresses and contact details of these companies are also listed on our page.

At present, television is still one of the most important media outlets for the reception of information. People receive a lot of information every day through various TV channels. If you are also interested in TV channels by their addresses or contact information, you can get information by going to the relevant section of our page.

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