Religion and culture

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We have compiled a list of religious institutions operating in Baku on one page. To learn the addresses of mosques, churches, ceremonial halls, etc., consider the following categories.

Religion and culture

We have collected the addresses of religious institutions on one page for you so that you can easily find them on one page. Addresses of mosques, religious halls, churches and synagogues are placed on the page in separate categories.

What are the functions of mosques and religious institutions and what has happened in the past? The functions of mosques can be considered in three groups: temple, administrative center, science and culture center.

As a temple. Initially, mosques were built for worship. In this sense, they became holy and took the name "House of God." The Qur'an states that it was done to commemorate God's name. Islam encouraged mass worship. Bringing people of all races and walks of life together to worship shoulder to shoulder has been an important factor in ensuring social solidarity.

As the Administrative Center:  In addition to the prophethood of the Hz. Prophet (pbuh), he also had the duties of head of state, judge, and command. These are the duties of the head of the Islamic State. These functions of the mosques were the same at the provincial level. Mosques were a place where people mingled with each other and the state.

As a Center for Science and Culture: No religion has given more importance to science than Islam. Stating that he was sent as a "teacher", The Prophet (pbuh) laid the first foundations of universities with the Suffa in the Masjid al-Nabawi. Suffe was a boarding school.

Churches and synagogues have the same functions as mosques. Churches and synagogues were used for worship. In addition, these religious institutions were used as administrative centers. You can go to pages from categories to get the addresses of mosques, churches and synagogues. You can also find the addresses of the ceremony halls on the page. You can get acquainted with the addresses of the ceremonial halls in Baku.

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