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For more information about companies selling medical, technological, sanitary, electronic equipment, go to the page to check their addresses.


Nothing beats the feeling of opening a gift from a brand new electronics store. Whether it's a new phone accessory, entertainment kitchen electronics, or doubly beautiful tech gadget like home decor, each of them makes people feel great. Whether it's an anniversary, birthday or any other special occasion, there's a wide variety of electronics to give to your loved ones. However, it can be very difficult to find out which electronic devices are the latest and greatest. Don't worry, we're here to help. On one page, you can find companies that produce the latest electronic equipment that is on the market now and always on the social media agenda. When it comes to modernity, electronic equipment is always one step ahead. On the page you can find electric sound equipment, sports equipment, lighting and heating equipment.

Are you looking for an open-ended medical device, medical instrument, or biotechnology company that you can acquire or license for your research, or are you looking for an open-ended medical equipment store for investment? You can find medical equipment stores and plumbing stores in the category section.

We have compiled a list of companies that sell electrical and medical equipment so that you can easily find them on the page. You can collect detailed information about companies by selecting the category that suits you from the categories section above. In the list you can find addresses, contact information and opening hours of electronics, plumbing and medical equipment stores.

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