Carrying out international cargo transportation to and from Azerbaijan using any point of the world and vehicles.



Baku, Khatai district,
8 Noyabr (Nobel) ave. 15

Azure Business Center, 10th floor

Monday - Friday

09:00 - 18:00



About the company

ABA Logistics LLC has been operating since 2006. ABA Logistics LLC, which has been making a name for itself in the Azerbaijani logistics market for more than 14 years and has established itself as a reliable partner, contributes to the development of the Azerbaijani logistics market by making a difference based on its mission and values. The day-to-day expansion of the company's customer base has led to an increase in our workforce, the opening of new warehouses (Europe, Turkey, Russia) and destinations in various international countries, and the creation of projects. The main activity of ABA Logistics is to carry out international cargo transportation to Azerbaijan and vice versa using any point of the world and vehicles (road, rail, sea, air).

Using modern means of transport means to provide quality services to companies operating in Azerbaijan on international freight, to always develop higher-level offers to gain customer satisfaction, to make every effort to become one of the leading international freight companies in the Azerbaijani market. Every successful business requires a serious approach to work, timely delivery of work, high quality service and prompt response to changing conditions. ABA Logistics understands this and strives to follow these principles for the successful operation of its customers.