Repair and construction, design



Baku, Yasamal district,
Jafar Jabbarli 609

Globus Center, 15th floor

Monday - Friday

10:00 - 19:00



Globus Center

About the company

Bakstone has been operating as a manufacturing company since 2014. Initially engaged in the production and sale of unplastered masonry, the company has expanded over time and in a short period of time has become one of the leaders in the repair and construction sector. Bricks, masonry and masonry are in the forefront of Bakstone's production and have a special place in the country's market for the quality of its products. Of course, the company also prefers the products it produces in its own buildings. These products are made in Germany with the technology of one of the leading countries in Europe. At present, Bakstone is engaged in the repair and construction of large facilities and state-strategic facilities, including individual residential areas. The company has about 20 office workers, more than 30 craftsmen and workers. At Bakstone's Bakstone Designo hotel, professionals are engaged in Sketch Design, Design, Landscape Design, Interior Design, and Exterior Design. One of the main advantages of the company is that it provides services on favorable terms, with the ability to pay in installments, which resulted in high sales in a short time, and in a short time created a certain customer base. Today, hundreds of the company's comfortable buildings are used with great satisfaction and satisfaction by customers.