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Baku, Khatai district,
Mahammad Hadi 136

Monday - Friday

09:00 - 18:00

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Xalqlar Dostlugu

About the company

“AZERTUNELSUTIKINTI” LLC is a Design and Construction Company. The main activities of the enterprise are design works, capital and special construction, hydraulic engineering, construction of industrial facilities, installation of piles on land and at sea, construction of civil buildings, highways, bridges, concrete and concrete products, micro tunnels, reinforced concrete, metal structures and timber. and leasing company-owned plants and equipment, especially for maintenance. Reinforced concrete pipes with a diameter of 400 to 2000 mm, as well as pipes for microtunnel work are produced semi-automatically with a dry casting machine SCHLOSSER-PFEIFFER VARIANT. The production of reinforced cages for pipes and piles has also been automated. The fleet of trucks and equipment consists of more than 700 items, including vertical and horizontal drilling rigs, microtunnel equipment, mobile and crawler cranes with a carrying capacity of 30 to 225 tons, earth and concrete equipment, ships, etc. consists of. - Architectural and Design works - Hydraulic facilities; water lines; artesian wells; construction of sewerage system. - Preparation of supporting foundations of buildings, preparation of other pile columns (blocks, bricks and pipes). - All other specialized work. - Implementation of special parts of the project (HSE rules, security facilities, organization of construction procedures, preparation of all estimate documents). - All kinds of earthworks and sowing works. - Installation of driven and drilled piles. - Manufacture of concrete pipes, hatches and reinforced concrete configurations. - Strengthening the gulfs (Caspian Sea). - Installation of concrete and pile piles; static, load, ultrasonic and dynamic tests (PDA and CAPWAP). - Technology and design engineering (implementation of quality control of construction installation and construction management). - Geotechnical research work. - Preparation and installation of building construction. - Transportation of manufactured products. - Transportation and lifting works (cranes with a lifting capacity of 30 ÷ 255 t and maintenance). - Rental of heavy machinery, trucks, test equipment and boats for any construction work.