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The dynamic development gained in all spheres of public life in our country in recent years increased significantly the geopolitical significance of our republic. Along with all of these, important tasks such as active participation in socio-economic processes in the global economic space, effective access to foreign markets, and the forming of a competitive national industry have become a necessity. The issues such as globalization, rapid integration and sustainable development etc. which are typical for modern era have also specific importance for our country.

The late President Heydar Aliyev made the idea of restoring “Silk Road” a reality by implementing purposeful and complex measures. As a result of this great project, geostrategic and geopolitical significance of our country has increased, Azerbaijan has become a transit country with a favorable transit role as a strategic bridge between East and West.

Dear partners, having profound experience in the field of logistics and customs clearance in the light of these processes has made us inevitable to meet you with a new company to provide you with a more efficient and qualitative service. The word “new” has wider meaning in that context of “new company”, we took that step by perceiving the importance of innovative actions which will bring you pleasant surprize in each aspect of our business. We make you forget many cases those have so far disturbed you especially in the field of logistics, we chose saving money and time as an ultimate goal in order to achieve success in future development of our company.