Cleaning of carpets



Baku, NZS village,
Mingachevir st. 40


08:00 - 20:00

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The last point in carpet washing! Carpets are washed by highly skilled craftsmen based on years of experience. Organic (biological) shampoos and detergents are used to wash the carpet. 1. Carpets delivered by our service machines are first coded. The carpets are separated in turn to mix, not fade and change the color of the carpets during washing. Before entering the washing process, the carpet is placed in a dust cupboard to remove dust. 2. In the process of washing, carpets are softened by soaking them in plenty of water. Accesses fully automatic washing machines using a blend of special biological shampoos, stain removers, emollients and disinfectants. 3. After each stain is cleaned separately, plenty of water is rinsed and then placed in a dryer and up to 95% of the carpet is drained and squeezed. 4. After re-checking the cleanliness of the carpet, it is entered into the drying room. Carpets that are 100% dried in a warm room are taken to the packaging department. After the final inspection, it is packaged by hand and delivered to the owner. Each of the carpets is insured.