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Baku, Sabail district,
Sabir 3

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About the company

With many years of experience and knowledge in the cleaning system, SKYWASH has strengthened its position in the sector by closely following modern technology with a team of specialists in this field. As a company, one of our most important goals is to maintain and advance our position in the cleaning sector without compromising the quality of our future goals, while remaining true to the principles of honest and healthy service. We are continuing our ambitious activities in this direction.

We are expanding our portfolio every day, acting on the principle of "our customers are our reference". This energy we receive from our customers encourages us even more and promotes our service. Our company, which has been operating since 2012, is happy to serve our customers by renewing itself every day.

Our company provides you with its services by constantly updating the technological and research activities necessary for you to receive better and more effective cleaning services from our valued customers. As ‘SKYWASH’, we continue our work with the utmost sensitivity, as on the first day, to ensure that our valued customers are always peaceful and happy. Our vision as a team is to be the first, to make a difference and provide quality, affordable, reliable service to our customers and future generations.

-General cleaning of public catering facilities and kitchen

-Cleaning service of factories and mills

-Greening and landscaping service

-Soft furniture and carpet cleaning

-Facade cleaning, lighting and repair

-Permanent and one-time cleaning of offices and apartments

-Permanent and one-time cleaning of commercial and non-residential centers

-Special cleaning service after repair

-Tea and coffee services in the office