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About the company

Eco Clean - Since 2007, it has been a successful chemical cleaning and laundry network in Baku and its surroundings. During this time, our employees have gained an experience of individual approach to each order. We renovate items using the latest high-tech dressing machines (high-tech BOWE, IPSO, Gerbau) and revolutionary cleaning products. Eco Clean means ecologically ‘’clean’’. The question can be asked: How can "chemistry" and "ecology" match with each other? The point is that we use the world´s most up-to-date technological cleaning technology in our business and use only new generation of chemicals (SEITZ, K4) even harmless for children. They are completely harmless for your clothes and skin. For this reason, our slogan is "Healthy Cleaning". The company´s specialists are constantly following the development of new technologies in production and management. The goal is to alter consumer’s attitude to the professional chemistry, to encourage the consumers to trust us the most beloved and valuable things while performing each order. At present, Eco Clean incorporates 4 salons and network of reception points. We also have a delivery service. You can order cleaning or washing of items by phone or online without leaving home. We work successfully with both individual and corporate clients. The quality of service and the wide spectrum of opportunities are the guarantee of our success. Our experts are very good in common contamination and all kinds of stains as cooking, oil stain, red wine, coffee, fruit, gum. Eco Clean - means always 100% purity, 100% ecologically clean, 100% service. Items can serve you more than you think. Be our client to make sure.