The company is recognized as a leading company in the field of HRM, Coaching, Training and Headhunting/Recruitment.



Baku, Khatai district,
8 Noyabr (Nobel) ave. 15

Azure Business Center, 9th floor

Monday - Friday

09:00 - 18:00

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About the company

GDG Professionals is a professional services company in human resources management (HRM), coaching, training, headhunting/placement. Operating according to international standards, GDG Professionals is goal-oriented and result-oriented. We provide services for HRM development, management and optimization of various business processes in companies.

In order to support the strategic goals of companies and ensure that they can add value to it, GDG Professionals HRM operates in four directions:

-Strategic partnership


- Making changes

- He preaches and persuades as a representative of the workers.

By basing our activity on professionalism, we base our cooperation with companies on the principles of mutual trust and confidence and establish our relations with them as business partners.

In the business world:

- focus on strategic management in management

- who is able to correctly assess companies' readiness for change and implement them in an evolutionary way

- able to create unity between advanced international practices and the organizational culture of local companies

- our image that adds value to companies has been formed.

 In Azerbaijan, the provision of a number of services in the field of management, especially in HRM, is connected with the name of the GDG Professionals company. These include advice on headhunting/recruitment, coaching and management, new approaches to training, etc. belongs to. We are constantly developing and bringing new types of services to the business market.

In addition to promoting a new vision and approach to HRM in management, we also provide services in building the entire system on HRM, preparing rules, and their implementation.

GDG Professionals is committed to its mission and principles. It is this quality that makes us different and special. Thus, we have been keeping the first place - leadership in all the areas we provide services for a long time.

We know that quality is the indicator of our professionalism!