Pure water from the foot of Mount Dubrar



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About the company

“Dubrar” water, which originates from permanent glaciers located at an altitude of 2,500 m above the eastern slope of the Greater Caucasus Mountains, is a natural spring water rich in minerals important for life and health. Many laboratory tests have also confirmed that this water helps digestion and cleanses the body of salts and toxins that have accumulated over the years. “Dubrar” water is also known abroad for its quality. The results of the analysis conducted at the Paris Water Research Center of the French Ministry of Health showed that “Dubrar” is a pure, unadulterated mineral table water and recommended to drink it. Therefore, we are sensitive to nature and pay attention to the fact that production and sales meet international standards and keep the environment clean at the source of the water. The richness and lightness of minerals in the composition of “Dubrar" water indicates that it is water that everyone can drink. In other words, from young children to the older generation, anyone can use water for healing purposes. “Dubrar” natural mineral water is produced on the basis of modern technology in a new plant equipped with equipment made in Turkey and Germany.