A wide-profile distribution company specializing in wholesale and retail of computer accessories and other IT products



Baku, Garadag district,
Sadarak-Lokbatan road

Şirniyyat bazarı

Monday - Sunday

09:00 - 17:00

"Sederek" Trade Centre

About the company

"AEM ​​ELEKTRON" LLC, which owns a large network of stores, not only sells products of which it is an official distributor and dealer, but also successfully implements the design and installation of video surveillance and modern security systems with its team of professional specialists. Installation works are carried out in accordance with the agreed project documents and with minimal costs.

Strict compliance with contractual and warranty obligations, timely delivery of products, work (service) in an impeccable and high-quality manner are the main corporate principles of "AEM ELEKTRON" LLC, which attaches great importance to customer values.

Taking into account that there is no more dynamic field in the economy and business than electronics, "AEM ELEKTRON" LLC follows the most global trends in the world, selects the best, most promising new products in the electronics market and presents them to its customers and partners at competitive prices.