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There is a notion that a fireplace is indispensable as an indicator of comfort, warmth and luxury in the house. The mass culture is the only reason for the creation of a such idea. Particularly, in the movies. There, people usually gather around the fireplace, relax, enjoy life. The official meetings of heads of states are also not by chance held around the fireplace. What could be better than spending a great time getting together with everyone in your country house in winter? If this idea is just a plan for you, then we will tell you in this article on which details of the fireplace to be focused on, and also, we will help you to make a choice. First, decide on the purpose of buying a fireplace. If the fireplace will be installed only for the decoration of the room, accordingly it is better to use a fireplace with an open firebox? (or fuel), maybe it might be enough to install an artificial electric fireplace. It is better for heating to install a traditional wood-burning fireplace or a gas fireplace with a (close firebox) that gives the highest temperature. If you want to construct a functional fireplace, it is better to take into consideration the location of the house during the construction period, as the installation of chimney and fireplace requires compliance with the several firefighting safety rules. If you are planning to have a fireplace in already prepared room, you have to calculate the floor load in accordance with the weight of the fireplace.