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Nariman Narimanov

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About the company

Our company was officially launched in 2012. Designing projects as an area of ​​activity and undertaking work identified in accordance with projects and preparing price proposals accordingly. Our company specializes in the following areas: Installation of ventilation systems: Ventilation Systems - Design and installation of ventilation systems (for residential, industrial and medical facilities). Design of cooling and heating systems (for residential, industrial and medical facilities). Installation of chillers and VRV systems. Installation of split-type air conditioners (inventory or simple type). Repair and maintenance services. Installation of fire protection systems: Fire Protection Systems - Design of sprinkler systems, installation of required equipment (valves, fire cabinets, mechanical rooms, FM systems, etc.). All works are carried out in accordance with the requirements of NFPA-13, 14, 25 and GOST. Installation of cold and hot water systems: Hot and Cold Water Systems - Hot and cold water supply. Engages in the installation and testing of required equipment for the project. All work is carried out in accordance with local and international standards. Design and installation of boilers: Boilers - Calculation and installation of equipment in accordance with norms and regulations (boiler and burner, expansion tanks, pumps, water softeners, etc.). All activities are carried out in accordance with the requirements of GOST and International Standards. Sewage and drainage systems: Drainage and Sewerage Systems - Design of rain and underground water systems. Selection of water pumps for wells (taking into account different water conditions). Testing of installed systems. All activities are carried out in accordance with local and international standards.