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Yasamal Telephone Exchange (ATS)

About the company

We provide services for the sale, purchase, rent and lease of any property in Baku. The agency has a constantly growing database of both inexpensive and expensive apartments in the city and in the city center. We help our clients choose the most suitable area for them and formulate criteria for finding real estate, taking into account the requirements for the style and location of housing. The professionalism and cohesion of the team, extensive practical experience in working with real estate allows our employees to professionally and efficiently solve all issues related to finding suitable real estate for our clients. Buying and selling real estate is a complex and multifaceted process that requires compliance with all the legal details of the transaction, so that the apartment becomes yours without any reservations. Many formalities, of course, take a lot of time and effort. However, all these chores will become truly enjoyable, starting with the first step - finding a suitable option, and ending with the moment when the apartment de facto becomes completely yours if you use the resource of our "Real Estate Portal". This will be much easier and faster than before. An extensive database will allow you to buy a house, buy an apartment, choose a cottage and even a castle in a matter of hours. The choice of real estate objects with the help of our portal is simplified due to detailed descriptions and high-quality photographs. Our "Real Estate Portal" opens up great horizons for finding the best options for buying urban, suburban, resort, foreign, commercial - all segments of real estate that are represented on the domestic and world markets. Our site is designed for you to easily and naturally take the next step: the object you like becomes yours.