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About the company

An extremely important part of the work of an agent is the legal organization of the signing of contracts. Unfortunately not every citizen of Azerbaijan is aware of the difficulty of these laws, governing the business of the real estate in Republic. Our agents carry out extensive work on the explanation of rights and responsibilities of Landlords. All contracts are checked in the Law office CBC, which has been our verified partner since our company began operating. The company CBC has a staff of professional employees who are responsible for the preparation of contracts and/or verification of contracts provided by clients, they act as witnesses at signing contracts between our company and owners, thus providing complete safety and observation of the interests of the client. They observe precise fulfilment of the terms and conditions of contracts. They also do an exact count of taxes, which are applicable to owners and our company as intermediary. They are also responsible for the annual audit verification and give a fully legal audit opinion, concerning the financial status of our Company.

Novohouse  understands the importance of total project management, from viewing to signing contract, and during the full period of the lease. We are prepared to commit our time and energy ensuring that everything is set up correctly. The emphasis is on practical solutions to conflicts that are sure to arise in commercial landlord-tenant negotiations. We have constant contact with tenant and with the owner, acting thus as the intermediary between them, respecting the interests of both parties, and by negotiation, finding the most reasonable solution to any problems that may arise.

Our company renders services in registration to expatriates who have newly arrived in the Azerbaijan Republic, helps at registration, granting clients complete information about the legislation, concerning foreign subjects living in the country of Azerbaijan. We also render services such as transferring new arrivals from the airport to the desired location, and provide advice on initial accommodation, such as accommodation in hotels, guesthouses and apartments allocated for a short term of residence while the client chooses housing suitable permanent accommodation.