Protection of property and security work of owners on the basis of a contract



Baku, Nasimi st.,
Mardanov brothers 99

Monday - Friday

09:00 - 18:00


28 May

Officers park

About the company

It is an independent structural part that organizes the protection and security of the property of the owners on the basis of the contract, and is maintained at the expense of the funds received under the contract for the protection services. The structure of the Head Office includes the Organizational-inspector department, the Service department, the Security technical means department, the Personnel department, the Financial-planning department, the Material- It includes the technical supply department, the security department of the administrative building of the Head Office, the On-duty parts management service, the Secretariat, the personnel work group, the computerized central security station, the Sports complex. The main tasks of the Head Office are as follows: to organize the work of protecting the property and security of the owners based on contracts; to ensure the development and implementation of measures to improve the security service and cover the expenses of the security units; technical supervision of the installation work on equipping facilities with alarm devices to ensure their putting into operation, their commissioning, repair and maintenance; to organize the protection of the property of legal and natural persons from illegal acts, to carry out measures to equip the property taken for protection with alarm devices; to carry out other tasks defined by the legislation;