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Baku, Nizami district,
Navai 17

Monday - Friday

09:00 - 18:00

More details about the company

“The Baku Sales Center of the Union of Companies of Gamigaya Holding” offers mineral waters "Badamli", which meet international and national standards and are beneficial for the human body. The water we use is groundwater coming from Badamli settlement of Shahbuz region at an altitude of 1274 meters above sea level. Mineral water comes to our production plant from the mountains at a distance of 30 km through food-safe polyethylene pipes. The quality of the product is strictly controlled at the plant. A special laboratory equipped with modern equipment made in Germany has been set up here. As the entire production process in "Badamli" is organized in full compliance with the requirements of the ISO quality management system and food safety, the company has been certified for compliance with ISO-22000: 2005 and ISO-9001: 2008 standards. In the laboratory, water is subjected to chemical and microbiological analysis. After confirming that the quality indicators meet the standards, the water is released into the glazing process. When necessary, water is ozonated and deionized. The glazing process is carried out with automated equipment, without any human intervention, and hygienic glass is used.