Leave your rest in the delicious cuisine of "SeaBay" restaurant !!!



Baku, Shikhov village,
Salyan highway 14


10:00 - 00:00

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If you want to get away from the noise of the city and relax after a hard day's work, SeaBay restaurant is the perfect place for you. A professional team committed to the traditions of hospitality will provide you with maximum comfort. The cool breeze of the Caspian Sea, sad music, live performance will imitate your soul.

In this comfortable place, you can relax and communicate at a beautiful table. The dishes of national and world cuisine provided by SeaBay are truly admirable. The delicious dishes prepared by the chef on the barbecue and on the ball, a variety of qutab, kuku and pilaf, viper, dushbara, fragrant dovga, delicious kebabs, steamed meat and freshly caught fish, sizzling and frying will not leave your palate for a long time. Made from fresh food, these dishes are complemented by fresh greens and vegetables, a variety of delicious pickles. In addition, you will be able to taste the beautiful and unique menu of world cuisine. You will enjoy the taste of beautiful desserts and delicate jams by drinking fragrant tea with thyme and cloves.

Here you can have a romantic dinner, a business meeting, as well as celebrate important days for your family - birthdays, engagements, henna parties and organize a banquet.

There is a special corner for your children to have fun.

The stylish launch and money bar will also offer you drinks with unique recipes ranging from light cocktails.

The question is, what else can be presented in this unusual space? You will leave an entertaining show, a concert of famous artists and singers with unforgettable impressions.

One of the best features of the SeaBay restaurant is the combination of delicious, quality cuisine, live music and space decor. The exterior and interior of the space will give you a real aesthetic pleasure. The space for 400 people is always at your service with high level of service!

If you want to have a beautiful and memorable holiday, join SeaBay!