Food delivery at home and workplaces



Baku, Sabail district,
Pushkin 5

24 / 7


28 May

House of Government

About the company

For more than 27 years, this brand has existed in the public catering market of Azerbaijan - a brand that has firmly strengthened the image of the most popular restaurant in the city. Actually, we are not talking about a restaurant, but a whole style in what is called food culture. "Anadolu" today is a number of places where Baku residents and guests of the capital gather to taste exquisite, tasty and healthy food, get acquainted with the best dishes of Eastern and European cuisine. In addition to a place where you can simply satisfy your hunger, the name "Anadolu" is associated today with the concept of a Club where business partners and just friends meet. The flawlessly working "catering" system (delivery of food to your home and workplace) has allowed "Anadolu" to become a popular restaurant, which, in the absence of time, does not have to go to yourself, but which, at your first call, will come to you with its exquisite and quality cuisine. The first system in Azerbaijan for food delivery via the Internet has been developed and put into operation, thanks to which users of the worldwide information network also have the opportunity to get high-quality and tasty food from "Anadolu" without interrupting their work. We consider it our duty to serve you quickly and efficiently. Wherever you are in the city, your order will be delivered to you as soon as possible! Specify your location on the city map and you will find out at what time your order will arrive to you.