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Baku, Yasamal district,
Zahid Khalilov 41

Monday - Saturday

10:00 - 19:00


Elmlar Akademiyasi

More details about the company

PRESTIJ-S educational center has been at your service since 2010 with quality education!

High results were achieved in the center in a short period of time by using teaching methods that correspond to the requirements of the modern era.

As a result, in the last academic year alone, 98% in the applicant preparation and 99% in the master's preparation were achieved.

From the first day of its operation, all conditions have been created for students to study comfortably in our educational center. Classes are taught in separate spacious, comfortable rooms.

Parents have the opportunity to watch the progress of the lessons online through cameras. Highly qualified teachers with years of experience are used to organize the lessons.

Classes are organized based on individual approach and interactive learning methods.

Additional study hours are organized for weak students.

Tests are held for applicants on the last Sunday of every month according to the topics held during the month. And immediately after the exam, the answer sheets are checked and announced through an optical device. After the exam results are announced, parent meetings are organized. to discuss interest, quality of education and attendance with parents.

As a result of this, not only in the last academic year, several of our students achieved results higher than 600, but also won a number of republican subject olympiads.

One of the main leading areas of our center is master's preparation, and we have been successful in this field for several years. As a result of the work of teachers with years of experience in the field of master's preparation, our students have been ranked in the top five in the country every year. Only in the 2016-2017 academic year. 28 students scored 90+ points and two of our students scored 98 and 97 points and took place in the top three in the country.

All our students are provided with PRESTIJ-S publications free of charge throughout their studies.

Our course also offers foreign language courses for all age groups.

In order to develop foreign language skills, programs such as 6 hours of classes and conversation clubs, as well as linguophone lessons and listening are implemented.

If you want to guarantee the reliability of your teaching, the only title you can choose is PRESTIJ-S.