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About the company

Currently, AKI INTER deals not only with education abroad, but also with language preparation courses. Thus, in 2007, AKI Colleges language school was opened in Kyiv, which acquired a reliable teaching methodology, is sure of the positive results of the exercises and guarantees its students, thanks to the experience gained. The company is constantly moving forward, developing new educational programs and courses, improving teaching methods and forms. Graduates of the language school are given certificates confirming the acquired knowledge, and they also receive a 100% guarantee that they will enter any university in the world.

Our qualified specialists will answer any caller in detail. We have people who really like to read and learn.

In our arsenal there are more than 3000 educational programs in 43 countries of the world and in any direction

We ourselves visit, check and inspect overseas schools, colleges and universities, so our customers only get the best

We approach each client individually

By choosing AKI INTER, you are choosing years of experience and professionalism

We not only carry out the admission to the program, but also stay with the student during the entire study period and monitor him

Regardless of where the school or university is located, we are able to select the program at the request of the student anywhere in the world, we will make an agreement and help the student to enroll in the study program.

Only our students can call our dedicated helpline for any academic or household issues during the entire study period.