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“International Validity”
FONO Open Education Institution is an active member of the World and European Open Education Associations. At the same time, FONO courses are officially recognized by the "German State Open Education Center". Students participating in FONO courses abroad are also entitled to take the course completion exam in the country they are under the supervision of senior ministry officials from Turkey.
“More than 400 Foreign Language Teaching Publications”
FONO Publications offers a very rich resource to anyone who wants to learn a foreign language with its many products such as grammar books, speaking guides, storybooks, dictionaries, practical handbooks.
“The most effective Foreign Language Education System worldwide with Lingoshake”
With the brand FONO Lingoshake, it combined today's educational technologies with its expert staff and experience, and launched its highly acclaimed online courses.
TESOL is an international language certificate.
At the end of the program, the certificate obtained at the end of the program is valid in all countries, but everyone has the opportunity to work in foreign countries. Scholars who have completed the program have some practical skills in teaching with innovative and effective methods and techniques, using the education technology, and administrating the auditorium.
Anyone with a level of knowledge of B2 or C1 can join the TESOL – online course with English language learners.