1993-cü ildən bəri mükəmməl təhsil imkanları ilə təmin edirik.



Baku, Sabail district,
Zargarpalan 12

Monday - Friday

10:00 - 17:00

About the company

The International Education Center, a private educational institution, has been operating since 1993. The purpose of the International Education Center is to support the development of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the field of education by creating high-level educational opportunities.

International Education Center offers interactive courses in English, Azerbaijani and Korean languages. The teachers working in our center are specialists trained in the latest teaching methods. We use different teaching methods to enrich the lessons with interaction, presentations and speaking exercises.

In line with our goal of creating high-quality educational opportunities, the Center for International Education also places great emphasis on culture and the arts. Our center, together with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Azerbaijan, has demonstrated the high value it attaches to culture, and has created conditions for musical groups from America to give concerts in different regions of the country. The International Education Center also offers classes on Azerbaijani national dances and lectures on Azerbaijani culture and values ​​from time to time for foreign guests visiting Azerbaijan.

The International Education Center invites specialists from the United States of America and Europe to the Republic of Azerbaijan in order to hold seminars on various topics both at our Center and at universities and educational institutions. Lectures are held in General Economics, Business Management, Medicine, Psychology and other fields.

The staff and students of our center regularly collaborate with other organizations to participate in various humanitarian services. Students volunteer in projects such as visiting mental hospitals and orphanages, collecting financial aid for disabled and sick children.

The International Education Center considers it its duty to serve the development of Azerbaijan and its citizens through high-quality education. Our goal is to offer high-level educational opportunities and bring the values ​​of our people to the English-speaking countries of the world.