Extraction and processing of bentonite clay



Gazakh, Dash Salahli village,

Monday - Friday

08:00 - 17:00

About the company

Joint Azerbaijan-Russian venture "AzRosPromInvest" was established in 2006. Today "AzRosPromInvest" is the only company in Azerbaijan which operates mining, processing of high-quality bentonite clay and production of bentonite-based products. The raw material base of the company is presented by a unique Dash-Salakhly bentonite deposit located near Dash Salahli village, Gazakh region, the Republic of Azerbaijan. The commercial reserves of bentonite clays of this deposit make around 83 million tons.

Based on scientific and technological advance and having modern production capacities "AzRosPromInvest" Ltd. holds the leading position on the bentonite market of CIS countries as well as supplies its products to the EU countries.