While we work, you rest.



Baku, Narimanov district,
Tabriz 116

Monday - Sunday

09:00 - 02:00


Nariman Narimanov

Metro Park

About the company

Diamond restaurant lounge is a restaurant that has been on the market not so long ago, but a place that guarantees comfort, quality and good service from the staff.

You can come to us not only to have a delicious meal, spending your time in pleasure and enjoying every minute, but also to have a tea party with friends and colleagues.

Our talented chef and his team are responsible for the kitchen, who are ready to make your visit to our restaurant memorable, bright, and most importantly tasty and healthy.

Our gastronomic style is unique in that it combines international dishes in our menu, including Japanese, Italian, European and national cuisines. Therefore, we are pleased to offer you our platform for organizing and holding various events: from romantic dates and gatherings with friends to corporate parties, New Year's Eve, presentations and other celebrations.

Diamond restaurant lounge is a classic lounge restaurant. The interior design exactly reflects its name. All elements are designed in a single, subtle, modern minimalist style. The color scheme of the establishment is chosen in such a way that guests can relax and enjoy excellent dishes in peace.

Spacious room, well-chosen decor items, elegance and beauty of lines. The interior, slipping in everything, perfectly raises the tone and energizes.

The restaurant has an amazing atmosphere of lightness, elegance and good mood.

While we work, you rest.

Come to Diamond restaurant lounge!