Baku, Narimanov district,
Ashig Molla Juma

Monday - Friday

10:00 - 18:00

About the company

Healpro company was founded in 2018 in Baku, Azerbaijan. Our company's portfolio covers of well-being products, medicines, food supplements, medical devices, cosmetics and food for special medical purposes. The products of our company are sold in pharmacies in all regions around the Azerbaijan. Highly qualified personnel are daily committed to research, development, sales and marketing activity. Our aim to lead the pharmaceutical company at the pharmaceutical sector and bring the innovations to the existing pharmaceutical field. Therefore we select attentively our partners and work with the leading companies around the world. Healpro Company takes part in the holding events and conferences in Baku and all regions. Based on the slogan "Sustainable Development" our company set up all conditions for the participation of many physicians in the scientific and medical conferences in the country and abroad. In addition, our team engaged with the sales and marketing activities seriously, works constantly to deliver the latest innovations and knowledge to the doctors and pharmacists. Having a close partnership with television is an opportunity to give information about our products to the public in mass form. The main reason of our success is an individual approaching for each product. İt is our principle to work on the basis of detail research, scientific information and regularly marketing efforts about the product. Healpro is a fast-growing company looking for innovations to protect and improve people's health and is growing rapidly in the health sector. The most important element of our service is to get benefit for people from our products and gain there satisfaction and confidense. The aim of our company to move forward under the slogan “Benefit comes from trust”. Because of this, we are looking for sustainable development ways together with our partners, team, and clients. Our company has started a partnership closely with our partners based on high quality, efficiency, sustainability, and responsibility standards. Healpro company’s aim is to have long-term and productive cooperation, always maintaining ethical values while dealing with the business partners. The main criterion while choosing our business partners is the quality and the right price. With a constantly renewed and growing product portfolio, Healpro company’s aim to enter the pharmaceutical sector not only in Azerbaijan. The range of Healpro's products includes both prescription drugs and non-prescription (OTC) products and nutritional supplements. Our Mission - Our mission is to find innovative formulas and offer safe and effective products to the doctors and the patients. Our Vision - Our aim to become the most trusted health care provider to improve the human quality of life. Our Values - Health is important for us.