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Azure Business Center, 23rd floor

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About the company

Edelweiss Logistics was formed in 2012.

Our team of professionals integrate the company’s freight management services to create cost-effective solutions for our clients. Edelweiss Logistics facilities, highly professional and dedicated staff places the company in the enviable position to address all customer requirements, solutions and services. Tailored to the most demanding industry standards, with a special focus on the Oil & Gas, Energy, and Construction. We continuously develop our company and services for the future of logistics through our customer-oriented, economically successful, progressive, collaborative and responsible approach. We increase the profitability and quality of our services through a variety of efficiency management programs – after all, continual improvements are an integral part of our corporate culture. We welcome it when you, as our customer, actively contribute to the improvement process by sharing your expectations, requirements and experiences. We work together with you to ensure that all relevant operations are optimized.

It can be seen that there has been a very limited number of truly indigenous companies established to serve the Oil & Gas Industry since its rebirth. The prime aim of Edelweiss Logistics is to address this shortfall.

This is achieved with suitable leadership from a mixture of experienced local and expatriate management supplemented by the best local workforce in the industry.

We provide operational excellence by continual improvement and innovation in customer focused Supply Chain Management

We strive for a leadership position in providing best practice industry specific solutions to Oil & Gas and Construction engineering contractors.

Edelweiss Logistics is strongly committed to providing products and services that meet or exceed customer expectations. To accomplish this, Quality has been incorporated into all aspects of our business assuring the highest value and satisfaction for our customers and employees.