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About the company

AgroSpace LLC is focused on active cross-border and industrial markets in the field of innovation and technology, with integrated irrigation systems and flexible systems. Well, the company seals the drill and the split projections. AgroSpace LLC - the design, projection, grammatical engineering subdivision, the introduction of innovative systems in the field and greenhouse complexes. Modern paste of russia, Solar System: Welding machines The capsule system is designed Sprinkler System Orosheniya Pump system drum type Combined system design Prominent greenhouse complex Pumps and filtration stations Water tank for the springboard system Automation system for automation systems and heat systems Monitoring System for Disconnected Vessels and Parameters Компания AgroSpace LLC тесно сотрудничает с компаниями из Европы, США, Израиля, обеспечивая клиентов высокотехнологичными, высококачественными решениями, а также инновациями, что даёт клиенту преимущество в эксплуатации оборудования, которое является очень эффективной с экономической, а также технической точки зрения и совершенно безопасной в сфере ecological. The strategy of the company is embedded in large-scale applications to the client, the prestigious Gubernatorial Renaissance, the emerging partners of the company, not to mention technology and connectivity. AgroSpace LLC does not intend to operate in any ordinary way, no cost, the company is expanding its range of products, expanding its production of innovative products and services. Next, the drug company provides a guaranteed supply of moisture products. AgroSpace LLC partners send: Netafim, Israel - the leading Israeli company, specializing in capillary orbiting, translating taxis into one-of-a-kind gearbox. Nelson Irrigation Co, USA - leader in production of sprinklers for oroshen. RKD, Spain - the most popular Spanish company on production equipment. OCMIS IRRIGAZIONE Italy Scova Engineering, Italy - the first manufacturer of pumps for diesel stations