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4th floor

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28 May

About the company

Servis Invest, LLC, is a subsidiary of the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan, engaged in the production of telemetry, logging, boreal dissipation and high-tech oil and gas extraction equipment Basic Service Company "Invest Invest" refers to: - Telemetry - Service bottled solvents -Dolotic Service Oto Kerna -Saving of the boulders -Nonly Propelled Angle -Supply design bore -Using and repair of top speeds - Construction of compressor stations and their maintenance (NPP, Compressor stations) - Delivery of oil and gas equipment Servis Invest is affiliated with several companies: Is a German compressor company with the history of 200 years of "BORSIG ZM Compression GmbH". The manufacturer produces complete spectrum of the projection and manufacture of the compressor and service station after service. Borsig delivers a unique product that has been designed to meet your needs. Is a German manufacturer of chemical products "EVONIK Industries AG", which is a leading leader in promising areas of the specialty. - BOTIL OIL TOOLS INDIA PVT. - Indian Oil and Gas Equipment Manufacturer. LTD. ", Which favors a single market place in the market. In the Russian Federation, "Service Invest" LLC is a state of the art and stabile company. With each year I will be able to save on the leading positions in the market, and in the renovation of the wells.