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About the company

"AbrisGroup" is the only official distributor of the company "GeoSteel" in Azerbaijan. "GeoSteel" is the leader in the production of quality armatures in the Caucasus and among the CIS countries. Advantageous product of «GeoSteel»: - Steel making is a double refining process; - Due to effective removal of “P” & “S” through dual processing improved antirusting properties (Intrisinc Corrosion Resistant Property) are obtained; - Due to ultimate, clean steel with close control of chemistry. Rebar mechanical and metallurgical properties are uniform in each meter of rebar; - Extra Yield strength (Re) and Extra Elongation и тягучесть (Agt) ensure higher resistance to seismic shocks; - Ensure strong bonding between steel bars and concrete (Extra BONDABILITY value); - Well equipped Quality Assurance testing laboratory, which ensures close control of product quality. Nominal diametrs rebar: 8 мм,10 мм, 12 мм,14 мм, 16 мм, 18 мм, 20 мм, 22 мм, 25 мм, 28 мм,32 мм.