The fiery "Fireworks Urban Kitchen", which prepares the perfect steaks - an exclusive place for gatherings and outdoor cocktails.



Baku, Sabail district,
Azadliq square 674

Absheron(JW Marriot), 2nd floor

Monday - Sunday

12:00 - 23:00


28 May

About the company

The restaurant has a ceremonial ceiling made of shiny metal bars, an entrance made of transparent brick and wooden boards representing the elements of grill and frying. These elements are repeated in different compositions of light, shadow and textures along the space in the walls and ceilings, covering the entire dining space with a characteristic relaxing heating ring. The inverted red carpet on the ceiling directs the sole guests to the restaurant's private dining room, Fireworks kitchen, whiskey and brandy corner, wine bar and finally the large terrace with open flames and stunning views of Baku. The drink menu consists mainly of whiskey, skillfully prepared cocktails and an attractive wine list with a wide selection of quality wines. Presentations and garnishes are always simple, emphasizing the quality and texture of the prepared dish. Additions range from small chips to crispy onion rings, creamy mashed potatoes and a seasonal vegetable grill. The highlight of the menu is the Australian Stockyard FW Tomahagi, which weighs about 900 grams!