Installation of wind generators and solar panels



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About the company

Our company is engaged in the development, assembly and installation of reliable and affordable autonomous power plants for the home. Due to the wide range and technical capabilities, we will choose the best option for an autonomous power supply for a house, cottage or spring cottage. The reliability of power plants is guaranteed by our equipment suppliers and specialists. Today, sunlight remains the best alternative source of electricity. A system consisting of special solar panels and other converting equipment installed on the roof of the building or separately is used to convert it into an electronic stream. Our specialists will develop a solution for the autonomous power supply of the spring cottage, taking into account the requirements of the customer, his financial capabilities and the required equipment capacity.

 There are other companies on the market today that offer similar services by size and type, but we have a number of important advantages over them:

 • Equipment purchased from reliable suppliers

• Work with each client individually

• Free qualified assistance in choosing an autonomous power supply option

• Full range of work: from design to installation and subsequent maintenance

• Equipment and work warranty

• Own service center, delivery service and warehouse

• Work experience since 2011

 How to make a self-powered solar house?

 The selection of equipment and the full range of installation and commissioning should be left to experienced professionals. In today´s autonomous power supply market, there are many options for kits that differ in size, efficiency, composition, price, strength and durability. We will choose the most suitable option for your summer cottage or house so that you get a real business solution.

 How to order a solar power plant installation service?

  To do this, you can call one of the contact numbers at any time or order a call back through the company´s website. You can also order by email. We are always ready to help.