A place where current information technologies are studied.



Baku, Narimanov district,
Ahmad Rajabli 1/25

Çinar Park Biznes Mərkəzi, 6th floor

Monday - Saturday

09:00 - 20:00


Nariman Narimanov

About the company

Quality standards:

Developia Engineering Academy is among the main companies shaping the digital future of Azerbaijan with the privileged career services it provides to its students in accordance with world standards. Classes are held in a comfortable classroom environment with a practice-based model, up-to-date content and strong infrastructure. Developia EA applies and evaluates the experience and knowledge gained in other fields of information technology work in all educational processes. Developed taking into account the development and sector needs in the field of information technology, the educational content of Developia EA facilitates the adaptation of its graduates to the sector.

Support after graduation:

Developia supports EA students even after graduation. Developia EA is not just an academy, but also an engineering company. He also collaborates with his students in projects as needed. The office of Developia EA is open 7 days a week for its graduate students and they can come and get help when they need it.

Application based model:

Developia EA implements an educational model in which students play a more active role in classes. In this model, students are ensured to be a specialist who participates in education, applies and prepares projects rather than being listeners. Graduates of Developia EA gain the experience they will need in their professional work life with the projects and practices they will carry out during their studies.

Project experience:

Our students participating in the training organized by Developia EA are required to prepare a final project. Reinforcement of all topics passed as a result of the final project is ensured. As a result of the final project, it is aimed to make students ready for the sector.

How can you join the classes?

At Developia EA, students can receive their education either in a group or in the form of individual lessons according to their needs. Students participate in basic training and become highly qualified specialists in their chosen field.

Expert resources:

Established in 2017, Developia EA is managed by the country's highly experienced experts in their field, and all company employees are carefully selected. Our experts put their signatures on the work they do and are committed to it.

Corporate trainings:

Developia EA's educational solutions are provided not only to individuals, but also to organizations and companies. Considered one of the leading education centers of Azerbaijan, Developia EA is always with you in corporate education solutions!

In addition to pre-determined lessons, the content of the trainings can also be held in accordance with the requirements of the organizations. In both standard and customized training, Developia EA teaches its students the most relevant topics through expert trainers to properly meet the needs of the participants.

Our concept of education:

Developia EA is a place where current information technologies are studied. Here, trainings oriented to sector needs are conducted according to international standards by professional and experienced trainers who know their job better. The weekday or weekend classes under the guidance of our instructors will provide you with theoretical knowledge as well as practical and professional skills in classrooms equipped with modern equipment.