National Taste - National Taste



Baku, Nasimi st.,
Dilara Aliyeva 216

Monday - Sunday

11:00 - 23:00


28 May

About the company

To date, our restaurant has gained great popularity not only among Baku residents, but also among the guests of our city. Having heard about the delicious dishes of the Azerbaijani national cuisine, they wished to taste them in our restaurant.

The BUTA art Club restaurant was opened for the first time in Baku on September 1, 2003. In creating such an institution, there was also a specific goal - to please our residents and guests with perfectly prepared dishes of national cuisine, to revive and preserve the dishes undeservedly forgotten over the years, exquisite and unique in taste combinations. . Azerbaijani national cuisine is very rich in all kinds of dishes and has a huge number of them in its arsenal. But not only national cuisine. The menu of our restaurant also includes a long list of dishes of European cuisine.

The BUTA art Club restaurant successfully copes with the task. Members of the chefs of our restaurant are prize-winners and laureates of numerous international competitions and each has diplomas and certificates in their category. The restaurant management does not miss the opportunity to send members of its staff for internships to improve their professional skills.

I would like to touch on the name of our restaurant - BUTA, i.e. flame. Probably everyone knows that BUTA is an oriental ornament symbolizing the tongue of flame, and the Azerbaijani land is the cradle of the most ancient religion - fire worship. In the same way, Buta was a steppe plant with the ability to burn for a long time. In Azerbaijan, this ornament has been used since ancient times. The name Buta finds its worthy reflection in the interior and design of our restaurant, decorated in a national and, in many respects, old style. Here you will plunge into a calm atmosphere of comfort and coziness.

For 10 years now, the BUTA art Club restaurant has been delighting Baku residents with perfectly organized business lunches, banquets for children and adults, and all kinds of festive promotions. Our restaurant has taken its worthy niche in the list of leading restaurants in our city and confidently withstands healthy competition. And this is confirmed by our loyal customers for many years, who have become our good friends. We are pleased to expand the circle of customers loyal to our restaurant and hope that the warmth of our hearth will warm you and help you to eat delicious food and have a good rest on weekdays and holidays.

We are glad to meet you and welcome to the BUTA art Club restaurant!