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After reviewing the list of pet salons located in Baku, you can get information about pet salons and find out their addresses.

GROOMING SALON Veterinary services, Bathing of dogs and cats, haircuts 
  • Narimanov district, Ataturk av. 4a
  • Ganjlik
BARBER DOG&CAT We make professional grooming affordable! 
  • Khatai district, Yusif Safarov 30
MAUGLI ZOOSHOP-SALON Sale of feed and other accessories, salon services for dogs and cats 
  • Nasimi st., Suleyman Rahimov 161
  • 28 May
PETTY PAWS Зоомагазин, груминг и ветеринарная клиника 
  • Narimanov district, Ataturk av. 4 А
  • Ganjlik
THE GROOMING STATION-AG SHEHER Network of grooming salons in Baku 
  • Khatai district, Central park st.
THE GROOMING STATION-ICERISHEHER Network of grooming salons in Baku 
  • Sabail district, Seidbeyli Hasan 31
  • Icherisheher
VETKLINICA BAYER-ROYAL CANIN Specialized veterinary services for animals 
  • Sabail district, Nizami st. 26
  • Icherisheher
  • Yasamal district, Landau st. 6
  • Elmlar Akademiyasi
ZOOBOUTIGUE.AZ Zoo shop in Baku 
  • Sabail district, Khagani 20С
  • Sahil
ZOOMAMA BAKIXANOV Goods for animals, grooming 
  • Bakikhanov village, Mukhtar Fataliyev 36\14


Considering the needs of pets, or, in other words, our beloved friends, zoo services should be no worse than veterinary services. The condition of fur and skin, which are important factors influencing the health of our friends, must be fully provided for. Coat problems specific to indoor pets, i.e. homes, is a condition that all animal lovers constantly face. There are a number of services within the zoo salon, which include hairdressing, medical services, etc. Recently, as a result of an increase in the number of people keeping pets in our country, a number of zoo salons and places providing similar services have already begun to work in Baku, etc. Addresses of pet salons located in Baku are listed on our contact page. You can narrow down the list for more information.