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About the company

Ugur-97 construction company was established in 1997. In the early years of its activity, it was engaged in the construction of production workshops, offices and shops. Since 1998, the company has been actively involved in the construction business in Baku.In a short period of time, "Ugur-97" company has built "luxury" residential buildings that bring beauty to our city. 3 houses with 9, 10, 16 and 18 floors were built in R. Behbudov Street. In 2001, near the National Bank, Sh. A 19-storey house was built on Badalbeyli Street. Construction of one of the three planned 19-storey houses near the Baku Circus has already been completed. These are frame houses with brick walls. The carcass is made of concrete. The houses consist of 3 and 4-room apartments with a total area of ​​150 to 224 m2. These are apartments in high-quality selected houses located in the best districts of the capital. The reason for the success of the company´s projects is their author, who, like Haji Murad Shugayev, was awarded the title of Honored Architect of Azerbaijan. Haji Murad Shugayev, who has received several international awards in the field of architecture, was awarded a first-class diploma at the international festival "Zodchestvo-2001" in Moscow.These buildings were built in a special way, typical of the company "Ugur-97" and complement each other and have their own architectural features. The construction work carried out by Ugur-97 is not only the construction of a house, but also a complete residential complex. The buildings have full conditions for comfortable living. The project envisages landscaping and landscaping of the surrounding areas, as well as garages, supermarkets, laundries and other household services. This type of construction is based on world experience. For example, in the residential complex on R. Behbudov Street, under one of the buildings, there is a covered water pool with a length of 25 m, gyms for men and women, massage rooms, sauna, barbershops, children´s pool, restaurant, cafe, etc. "AQUA PARK" family entertainment and health center was built.The projects of "Ugur-97" are organically in line with the general architectural plan of Baku. All materials and projects are examined by design institutes and relevant government agencies and provided with the necessary certificates and licenses. The buildings are seismically resistant to 9-magnitude earthquakes.It should be noted that Ugur-97 differs from other local construction companies in that it employs hundreds of local specialists, as well as using local materials for construction. The company is one of the largest oil taxpayers in the economy. At the same time, the company promotes the development of local entrepreneurship and the national economy.