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Nəqliyyat daşımaları



Baku, Narimanov district,
Talat Shixaliyev 14

Monday - Saturday

09:00 - 18:00


28 May

More details about the company

AN MEDIA LLC has been one of the stable, reliable and constantly evolving companies in the short term with cable television, internet and IP TV services. The company was launched in 2006 under the auspices of the National Television and Radio Council.

In 2009, AN MEDIA installed the cable television station in Mingachevir for the first time and began to serve the public. In a short period of time, our full coverage of the city has earned the public approval.

Then, to expand the company's coverage, we started broadcasting cable television stations in Ganja and Baku. In Baku - from the Yasamal and Narimanov districts in Ganja, the networks of the two cities have been established in a short time, starting with the New Ganja settlement.

All equipment is owned by the German company Polytron.

AN MEDIA LLC has started to provide high quality internet services to Ganja, Mingachevir and Baku as a provider to further expand the scope of services and provide Internet access.

Currently, we have selected the most popular and most interesting channels worldwide through IP TV. Our goal is to build trust and confidence among the population. To do this, we consider it the most important task of constantly working on our own to provide quality services.

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