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Gusar, Laza village,

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About the company

The "Suvar" base is located on the territory of the Gusar region above the village of Laza. The territory is surrounded on all sides by mountains at an altitude of 1850 m above sea level at the foot of Mount Shahdag. Cottages and rooms: * One-room cottage for 2 persons * Two-room cottage for 4 persons * Two-storey three-room house for 6 persons. Tours: * Two-day horse riding tour-climbing Mount Yarudag. * Three-day tour-climbing Mount Shahdag. * Four-day tour-climbing Mount Bazarduzu. 1. River Kusarchay - river grottoes. The route is laid along the terraces of the Kusarchay River, through the meadows, crosses the streams originating on the slopes of the Kyzyl Gaya mountain, leads to the picturesque surroundings of the spring, descends to the grottoes near the Kusarchay River. The total length of the route is 4 km. Elevation difference 100 m. 2. Gorge of waterfalls. The route is laid along the banks of the river Kusar - tea, along the slopes of the spurs of the Dokkuzul ridge, river terraces and the forest massif of the gorge of the river Kusarchay. The total length of the route is 14 km. Elevation difference 700 m. 3. "Suvar" - Shakhaylag - Shalbuz feast. The route is laid along the right bank of the Kusarchay River along the horse trail. Horseback riding route. The total length of the route is 40 km. Elevation difference 1200 m. Approximate travel time 2 days.