Optimal's largest sales and experience center



Baku, Nasimi st.,
Samad Vurgun 110

Monday - Sunday

10:00 - 20:00


28 May

Baku State Circus

About the company

"Optimal", the largest home appliance and electronics store chain in Azerbaijan, which is always first, presented another unique project. Since January 15, the largest "Optimal Live" sales and experience center of "Optimal" has been officially put into use. "Optimal Live", which collects the products of 18 world brands such as Bosch, Samsung, Vestel, LG, Sony in one place, creates great opportunities for its customers. So, it will be possible not only to touch, but even to start and test all the products exhibited in the sales and experience center. This is the uniqueness of the project.

The doors of the new Sales and Experience center are open to everyone from today. Optimal Live customers can simply “Tap. You worked. Get it," he says. More detailed information can be obtained by visiting Samad Vurgun Street, 110. In connection with the opening, customers of "Optimal Live" are waiting for profitable cash and credit campaigns.