Children's Intelligence Center



Baku, Khatai district,
Mahammad Hadi 76

Monday - Friday

09:00 - 18:00


Hazi Aslanov

More details about the company

The MEMORY Center is an educational complex offering children a wide range of services for the intellectual, psychological and artistic development of children. In the center of intellectual development "MEMORY" children and parents are offered a free trial lesson to get acquainted with the format of classes. Courses at Elmlyar Akademiyasy branch “MEMORY”: - Mental arithmetic (4 – 12 years old); - Speed ​​reading (from 8 years old); - Half-day Montessori group (2 - 6 years old); - Preparation for school (4 - 7 years); - For children with disabilities (Down syndrome, autism) sessions of psychology and development methods; - Logic; - Chess: - Drawing. Language courses at Elmlyar Akademiyasy branch "MEMORY": - English language (development of spoken language) according to the BBC AKTİV-KİDS methodology (4 - 10 years); - English language; - Azerbaijani language; - Russian language; - German; - French.