Supply and construction of diesel-generator systems.



Baku, Khatai district,
8 Noyabr (Nobel) ave. 25E

Monday - Saturday

09:00 - 18:00

About the company


• Repair and restoration of transmissions.

• Supply of new transmissions.

• Repair of transmissions under international warranty.

• Supply of original spare parts for transmissions.

• Providing diagnostic work and technical support.


- Supply and construction of diesel-generator systems according to the project.

- Construction of diesel-generator synchronous systems according to the project.

- Construction of local and remote management systems of energy equipment management systems.

- Organization of tests with load rheostats of diesel-generator systems.

- Construction of UPS and electrical stabilizer systems.

- Construction of automation systems.

- Electrical design and preparation of various types of electrical and automation panels.

- Design and construction of lighting poles.

- Assembly, commissioning, current servicing, periodical maintenance and overhaul of diesel generators.

- Design and construction of PLC systems.

- Repair of electric motors.

- Repair of alternators.

- Current service, periodical maintenance and overhaul of diesel engines.

- Installation, commissioning, maintenance and repair of electric stabilizers.

- Repair of welding units equipped with diesel engine.

- Repair of diesel engine hydraulic equipment.

- Rental of diesel generators.

- Supply and installation of electrical busbar systems for the project.

- Design and development of hydraulic equipment.

- Testing of hydraulic equipment.

- In diesel-generator power stations:

* Construction of ventilation systems.

* Construction of fuel pipes and fuel tanks.

* Construction of sound insulation systems.

* Construction of carbon monoxide pipes.

* Construction of fuel pipes and fuel tanks.