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National Opthalmology Center named after Zarifa Aliyeva

About the company

The company "FUADAKVA" LLC - Pools "Dejoyo" presents the services of its Service Center for the company's customers. Specialists of the Dezhuayo Service Center will quickly and efficiently serve your pool. The French Company "DESJOYAUX" (DEJOYAUX) specializes in the construction of pools and has about 22 years of successful experience in the construction of monolithic concrete pools in Russia and the CIS and more than 45 years of successful experience in the construction of private and public pools in more than 75 countries around the world. The company "DESJOYAUX" is recognized in Europe as the No. 1 company in the production and construction of swimming pools. Every year, Dejoyo produces more than 10,000 pools and sells up to 1,500 public pools and has 450 stores in 75 countries around the world. It has been proven that every 30 minutes in the world a new pool "Deshuayo" is being built. Pools "Deshuayo" allow you to get a complex of water pleasures for the whole family. Pools "Dezhuayo" are highly reliable and practical. The technology of construction of pools "Deshuayo" allows not only to build new private or public pools, but also to reconstruct old pools. The use of equipment pools "Deshuayo" makes it possible to avoid updating all communications of the existing structure. Advantages of construction of pools "Dezhuayo": - there is no obligatory discharge of water in the sewerage; - additional utility rooms are not required; - 10 years guarantee is issued for pools; - pools are hermetic and hygienic; - the equipment filters water with absorption of particles up to 6 microns; - pools "Deshuayo" can be equipped with all kinds of water attractions; - pools "Dezhuayo" can be of any shape and size; - pools "Dezhuayo" can be built into any interior or landscaping; - the construction period of the reinforced concrete monolithic pool "Deshuayo" is from 2 weeks; - the pool "Dezhuayo" is very simple and economic in operation. The brand "Deshuayo" has been known on the Azerbaijani market for about 10 years, but officially exists since 2005. Over the past 5 years, more than 80 private and 15 public pools have been built. More than 130 pools have been reconstructed on the territory of Azerbaijan. Our services: • Sale of consumables and accessories for the Dezhuayo pool. • Pool maintenance: - Pool cleaning, - Replacement of the filter element, - Control of biological water treatment, - Consultation of the owners. • Emergency call service to troubleshoot potential equipment problems and emergencies.