On-line payment service provider in Azerbaijan

GoldenPay ASC is the largest company in Azerbaijan's online payment market. Was founded in July 2007. Withnin 2 years, after completion of technical developments and receiving online licenses from international payment systems such as Visa International and MasterCard GoldenPay started to operate staring December 2008. Company 2 Completion of technical work in the system during the year and international payment ""Visa"" / ""MasterCard"" began to operate in December 2008 after receiving the necessary online certificates from their systems.

Since day one, hundereds of services have been connected and payments in the amount of millions of AZN have been implemented. At the same time, GoldenPay offers services from banks in Azerbaijan.

The main goal of GoldenPay is to help people save their time by changing the habit of payments. For the same reason, Goldenpay has launched Hesab.az online payment systems in April, 2011. On Hesab.az, consumers can make utilities, mobile, internet, bank loans, parking and other type of payments. In addition, Hesab.az offers cinema tickets and insurance sales. In near future, Hesab.az will offer many other services including airline ticket sales and money transfer and more.

GoldenPay is an organizational legal entity on March 14, 2014 to organize mass sales of shares has changed its form from the Limited Liability Company to the Open Joint-Stock Company.



1 AZN = 0.58 USD = 0.48 EUR = 43.66 RUB